I'm Joshua, a multidisciplinary artist with a background in Graphic Design and Software Engineering—who recently deserted these corporate callings to pursue a more illustrative life—and am currently a first year tattoo apprentice at Blue Ox Tattoo in Portland, OR.

I grew up in Washington, spent some time in Montana, was an Outdoor Educator for a bit, a kayak guide in the San Juan Islands for a spell, did the agency thing for a while, did the Nike thing, and have worked with some astonishing clients and coworkers in my time. I've always been passionate to find happiness in what I do, to try new things and to dip my toes in as much strange water as possible.

I'm also a Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, sci-fi binging, monster obsessed swamp-witch 🖖🏻 I reside in Portland, OR with my husband, Sean, and our beloved dog, Squid.

Art Exhibitions

· Disbeliever Theater, Spaceness Festival, 2016
· Portraits from Beyond the Void, Spaceness Festival, 2017
· Borrowed Dice, Dorsa Brevia Art Gallery, March 2022
· Borrowed Dice, Bishop and Wilde Books, Current